Dipping Liquid Activator #3 0.5 oz

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Type: Dipping Nail Liquid System

Color: Clear    Quantity: 1 Bottle    Volume: Approx. 15ml


  • 100% new retail and high quality.
  • Long lasting and faster drying.
  • No UV Lamp Needed.
  • Suitable for professional use.

Step by Steps:

  • Manicure – Perform a professional manicure to prep nails for application of one step dipping
  • Buffing – Lightly buff nail plates.
  • Cleanse – Cleanse nail to remove dust from buffing.
  • Apply a thin coat of Dip Prep Primer (#1) – The Primer absorbs excess oil from your nails and increases the longevity of the dip nail powder.
  • Apply a thin coat of Base (#2).
  • Dip the tip of the entire nail into the powder.
  • Brush off excess powder on top of the nail.
  • Repeat the previous steps.
  • Apply Dip Activator (#3), wait for air dry.
  • Apply Dip TopCoat (#4) 2 time, wait for air dry.


  • After using the Dipping Liquid System, please remember to clean the bottle mouth in time, otherwise it will easily stick to bottle mouth and cannot open.
  • Keep tightly sealed. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.