Large Barrel Bit With Chamfer On Top 4XC

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Brand: Fasaki

Material: 100% Tungsten Carbide and Stainless Steel.

Size: 4XC (4 Coarse) With 35 Degree Chamfer On Top, 0.5 in/13.00 mm x 0.26in/6.48mm (Large Barrel)


  • Overall Length: 1.51in or 38.29 mm
  • Shank Size: 3/32″ (2.35 mm)
  • Coarseness: Fine Grit (F)
  • For Professional
  • Creates less dust with little friction and heat
  • Superior Quality, Long Lasting Guaranteed
  • Made of Carbide (the hardest material next to diamonds)
  • Perfect for use on acrylics or hard gels
  • Used for surface work, shortening, back-fill cutting, and shaping
  • Removes bulk, thinning out product, cutting out new smile lines, and free edge length
  • less dust with little friction and heat